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In 2020 Covid hit the world with an iron fist. Panic, fear, and uncertainty raced through the minds of many. What a better time to uproot and buy a farm! Yep, we are a little nuts. In 2020 we found a local farm for sale that we fell in love with. My wife, kids, and I, my parents and brother, all sold our houses and bought the 75-acre farm we now call home. Ridgetops, sprawling fields, 4 houses, a pond, a barn, and plenty of wild critters make up our paradise here in Burlington Kentucky. There’s no better place to fully immerse ourselves in the joys of fishing, hunting, foraging, and elderberry farming than right here.



Too much bourbon, a wild hair, and a YouTube video is all it took and I was dead set on growing and producing Elderberries. Crazy? You bet. Impulsive? Even more so, but with the pandemic at the time and the need for immune-boosting alternatives, for us, farming elderberries just made sense. 7-months and lots of research and trials later, Kentucky Elderberry was created. Now here I am a couple of years later with more plants than brain cells, committed to the journey and excited for you to be a part of it. We welcome you with a couple of high-fives and a cheers. Snoop around and let us know if you have any questions! 

Elderberry Farm
Kentucky Elderberry

Our Goals

We have a few goals at Kentucky Elderberry:

1. We know farming Elderberries won’t make us rich monetarily. What will make us rich is knowing that our next generation at the farm will learn the meaning of hard work, determination, and ethical business practices, all while getting a little dirt under their nails. THAT will make us rich. If we can make a little side income while doing so, even better!

2. We want to educate the people of Kentucky and surrounding area the vast benefits of the tiny, dark, purplish, antioxidant-rich superfruit.

3. We want to provide healthy and fresh elderberries to the local landscape at an affordable cost. Supporting those who support us.

Our Core Values

Our small business is committed to providing family-like service and high-quality elderberry products that enhance the well-being of our customers. We want to build a successful and sustainable small business that upholds the high ethical and moral standards we were raised with. 

We’re also going to have a little fun while doing so!

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