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Bob Gordon Elderberry Cuttings (Pack of 10) FREE SHIPPING


Elderberry cuttings – Bob Gordon variety


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Select propagation cuttings from the prized Bob Gordon cultivar. Good for hardiness zones 3-9 (refer to map in pictures)

*The cuttings are cut off our selected best plants then sanitized and dipped in a dormant oil. Cuttings are 6-9” in length. They are shipped in a sealed bag with damp peat moss to keep the cuttings from drying out. Details on storage, planting, and care instructions are provided with the order. PLEASE SCAN & READ THEM!

Although we are not yet ‘certified organic’, we do utilize organic practices in growing and caring for our Elderberry plants.

The American elderberry cultivar, Bob Gordon, stands out for its remarkable traits. Noted for its origin near Osceola, MO, this cultivar produces abundant clusters of berries, with larger yields on new shoots in the first year and continued fruiting on older stems. The berries themselves are medium to large in size. A distinctive characteristic lies in its pendulous cymes, effectively deterring bird predation. Bob Gordon has gained recognition and favor among many producers in the US for its consistent performance and reliable yields.

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